Welcome To Abrams & Abrams LLP

Welcome to Abrams & Abrams LLP

Welcome to Abrams & Abrams LLP, a law firm whose practice is limited to U.S. Immigration and Nationality law. Our firm has stood the test of time, with an expansive immigration practice spanning over sixty years of varying political climates, new laws and procedures, and even new countries.

Three generations of the Abrams family have striven to bring positive results for a fair fee to thousands of clients. We dedicate ourselves to full, informative consultations and practical yet vigorous legal representation tailored to each client's needs. Our clients profit from our blend of experience plus up-to-the-minute knowledge of the policies and practices of all relevant governmental agencies.

Our clients come from every corner of the world and from all socioeconomic levels. New U.S. citizens call upon us to bring their families here safely and without delay. Businesspersons trust us to represent them as they make the leap from steady employment to startups. A local university protective of its international students would retain us to ensure the students always had somewhere to turn. Foreign movie crews need visas for shoots in the United States and choose Abrams & Abrams. The list goes on. Restaurants, wireless franchises, hospitals, service stations, think tanks, even law firms.

We at Abrams & Abrams look forward to serving you. At your initial consultation, always with an attorney, you will experience the kindness, fairness, and erudition for which we are known (we will explain it all to you in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, or Hebrew).

We hope you will browse the rest of our site and visit us here in midtown Manhattan.